Why Healthy Junk?

Well simply, because chicken fillets and broccoli can only stretch the imagination so far.  Junk foods are like a drug, we want them even when we’re not thinking about them; they sit in our subconscious waiting for a time that we are hungry, tired or stressed out, calling “I will fill you, I will wake you up, I will love you…”

But like a drug, like the devil, the gloss is only skin deep.  The pleasure promised is instantly replaced by a deep sense of self loathing, regret and worst of all, long term damage in the form of body fat… yuk [holding onto a fist full of muffin top, he writes this].

Eating clean is like a steady decline of socialising, and a Masters Degree in distraction.  As we purposefully drop the need to continuously consume, our subconscious reminds us, points out to us the brightly lit posters of burgers and fries or ice cream that promise love in a tub.  Even the word ‘tub’ pulls on our heart strings.  One more hit, one more hit.

After some time, we learn to ignore the voice, or it simply quietens down.  But then friends or family will meet up with us, and we’ll be shocked by the openness of their consumption.  Eating disgusting pseudo-food in public, once something we didn’t think about, becomes a symbol of surrender.  Comparing food to a drug (correction, when you realise junk food is a drug) you can’t help yourself but feel sorry for the poor OOC (Obsessive Over Consumer) people sitting down in the shopping mall, tired from just walking around so they end up stuffing so much empty hope into their mouths – sadly not even noticing their affliction (addiction).

It’s easy to get up on our high horses… until we realise it wasn’t long ago that we were shuffling through the mall, stressed about money and “starving” even though we had just eaten.  We’re not like that any more – it’s not like we’ve come into heaps of money either, we’re just not spending (wasting) it mindlessly.

We (Sharny, Julius and all of our loyal, brave renegade followers) have tried every tactic to

  • stop ourselves from falling back into the trap (as heroin junkies say, “we’re hooked by the bag”)
  • help our nearest and dearest to get out and stay out too (there really is strength in numbers).

But it’s hard, because to shun junk food is to shun all that appears to be important in this fast paced, “I deserve everything” world. Let’s face it, everybody and every bit of signage is telling us that “we deserve it all”.  We live in a selfish time, where people put the oxygen mask on themselves first, then their baby, then hope everyone else disappears so they can have the rescue crew to themselves!

So we created the oxygen mask. And it’s a thing of beauty. Now, we really can eat junk food in public without shame.  Because we have taken your favourite junk and turned it into a food.

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