It may take time to convert your tastes

The way our recipe turns out is different each time we cook the meal, and the way yours turns out will be different too, so take some time to play with the recipes and make them your own. 

The next most important thing to understand is that while we have come really, really close to copying the look, texture and taste of our favourite junk, they are not (and never will be) the same.  With less sugar and less salt and natural flavours instead of artificial flavours, you will without a doubt be making an initial flavour sacrifice.

But given time (21 days at the latest) your taste buds will become more sensitive (less dulled down by highly stimulating chemical flavours) and the foods will taste like how you remember them. 

Of course, if you have been chowing down on rabbit food and a little bit of organic, grass-fed, hormone-free, ten grams of chicken breast, these recipes are going to make you jump out of your skin.  You’ll swear you’re eating junk.  You’ll swear you are going to get fat.  But you won’t.

A cauliflower-based pizza, for example, has a more crumbly texture than a normal wheat pizza.  It doesn’t rise, so you will have to shape the edges to be what you want them to look like.  Our burger buns can tend to get the consistency of mashed potato the bigger they are, but when you eat them they are delicious.

So if you have family who you are trying recipes on, try one of two things,

  •        Don’t tell them that it’s healthy.  It’s weird, but we’ve tested it on Josh (17) and his friends  - with two bowls of zucchini spaghetti (exactly the same).  One of them we said was normal packet spaghetti, and the other was a zucchini.  All of the boys said they preferred the “packet spaghetti” (even though both bowls contained the exact same zucchini spaghetti.
  •        Slowly bring it into their diet.  If your husband is used to smashing back bags of chips and beer on a Saturday, he’s going to dig his heels in when you break out a bowl of kale or beetroot chips with soda water.  But if he has a choice and you ask his opinion of it, he’ll more than likely concur that they taste pretty much the same; and if you promise not to tell his mates, he’ll eat your kale chips instead of pringles from now on.  (that is until his abs start showing and you catch him telling his tubby mates his little secret!)

And here is the secret…

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