Calorie comparison

The average daily calorie intake (what you see on most food labels) is 9900kJ for a man (for example).

If we compare a large Big Mac meal (burger, fries and coke) to one we can make out of our cookbook, we will see the following:

A large Big Mac meal has 4,897 kJ (nearly half the daily intake).  Which means your husband can only eat two large Big Mac meals a day.  That’s it.

Now, the same food, only from healthy junk adds up to only 1,895 calories.  Which means that your husband can have 5 burgers, 5 large chips and 5 large cola – and still have eaten less calories than the two from the golden arches – and healthy junk burgers are bigger, and more filling!

Even better, when we take out sugar, we take out that deep hunger that happens around 20 minutes after eating junk.  Most people will feel full after only one Healthy Junk burger and fries, and will still be full around 3 hours later, when if they had gone to Maccas, they would be wanting something on the way out…


This doesn’t take into consideration the additives, preservatives, colours and all the nasty shit in there that allows them to make a burger for cheaper than it costs them to buy the ingredients.  This is the world we live in and until now the only way to battle this was to eat like a caveman.

Well, cave people had hairy… ahem… families.  Cave people didn’t even shower or brush their teeth; so let’s take the advances in modern living (and science) and put them into creating caveman health with modern-day flavour!!!

So let’s get it on…


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