What's wrong with Soy?

In the late 90’s we were introduced to soy.  Hipsters and rich people drank soy latte’s and ate tofu because they were conscious of heath (and it was cool to tell people you ate tofu steaks, much to their disapproving stares.)

Tofu is an expensive middle finger to societal trends, so it was reserved for people with class (or cash to buy class).  Unfortunately, those people (now in their 30’s) have been struggling to have kids. 

Ever wondered why the begun with the 7 kids hanging out outside Centrelink can breed so well and your brother in law the surgeon can’t?  Soy.

Modern soy (fuhgettabout the MSG) has been proven to increase oestrogen in men, oestrogen is the female hormone, responsible for soft voices, gentle natures and beautiful curves.  If you wondered why androgyny has become so popular, blame Monsanto, the big company responsible for mutating soy. 

We’ll probably suffer a horrible “accident” soon or be bankrupted with court fees for speaking out against Monsanto.  But I’m not the only one…

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    Shar Dean

    I acknowledge the issue with GM soy (and Monsato), but as a (menopausal) vegan I would like to include non-GM tofu.  Are there any other reasons than those mentioned above that I shouldn't?  Thank you :)

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