What’s the difference between cocoa and cacao?


Both come from the cacao tree.  It’s just that some raw food knobs wanted to have a difference between raw cacao seeds and roasted cocoa seeds.  That’s it.  Same product, same ingredients, don’t let some nutter tell you that their cacao is more expensive than cocoa because it is different.

That’s all there is to the naming.  BUT, the raw foodies have a use.  Calling their cocoa stuff cacao (like they call nut milk mylk) while mildly cute and deeply nerdy (why do they have to wear such disgusting sacks for clothes and can they please invest in some deodorant and brush their hair, elves don’t exist… or do they?)

Sorry, back to the point.  Cacao distinguishes raw stuff from the processed-the-shit-out-of-it stuff used in the commercial chocolate industry.  Get the raw stuff, and hold your breath while you pay handsomely for it.  Raw foodies may be saving the planet and your health, but they certainly ain’t doing it for the love.  There’s BIG money in the “raw revolution”.  So find someone you trust, we’ve managed to sniff out a couple of them.

So what’s so good about cacao?

Well, it has high antioxidant properties, and it has been used for centuries to combat cataracts.  But most importantly to you and I is, we can combine it with coconut to create chocolate that doesn’t make us fat! 

How ridiculously cool is that you CAN eat chocolate.  It even tastes like the belt-busting version sold in purple packets.  It has that same crumble in your mouth texture and BONUS!  Makes you poo (combo of the stimulant properties of cacao and the slip-out-of-your-bum-comfortably properties of coconut oil.)

Nearly a third of Healthy JUNK recipes are made of chocolate, so for us, it was imperative to find a replacement that tasted and felt like the same thing, but could be eaten without guilt.  It’s like we’ve performed a miracle.  Seriously, a few years ago we swore that the person who invents chocolate that doesn’t make you fat deserves a Nobel prize.  We’re just putting it out there for you to (if you know someone who knows someone) nominate us? 

Alright, we stole the recipe.  It was so long ago now that we can’t remember who from, but if you are the inventor of our chocolate recipe, we’ll gladly nominate you.

Cocoa powder is just blended cocoa beans.  Cocoa butter is made from cocoa beans by fermenting, roasting, and then separating them from their hulls. About half of what’s left is cocoa butter.

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