Make healthier fries with parsnip?

Parsnips make fries.  Before we decided to create the healthy Junk cookbook, we had some terms that needed to be met.

One of them was that we had to replicate as closely as possible, a Big Mac or Whopper burger and fries.  If we were to strictly consider the health benefits, we would have used sweet potato for the fries, but they don’t look like fries, and if we were strictly considering the health benefits, we would all only eat salads.

Enter the parsnip.  Looks like a big white carrot, but when sliced on a mandolin and baked in the oven?  Oh my goodness, you cannot tell the difference between them and fries from a heart attack restaurant. 

Parsnips are very similar to carrots on the nutrition scale, with sweet potato a lot more nutritious and fewer calories – but if you have a loved one addicted to fries, do them a favour and cook these, they have less than a third of the calories you’ll get from your upsized combo of death.


(see also: sweet potato)

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