How to blood dope with beetroot

Making chips out of beetroot will save you some serious calories.  Potato chips carry over 8 times the calories chips made out of beetroot do.  Beetroot has been studied and the results are in, beetroot improves your memory, lowers blood pressure and increases stamina.

It has also been reported to assist with skin problems, circulatory disorders, jaundice, anemia, strengthening the body and cleansing the liver and kidneys.

In addition, beetroot can enhance metabolism, sexual performance, reduce insomnia and tiredness. (give it to your wife, lads!)

Do you remember that Lance Armstrong was doing what is called blood doping?  Blood doping is when you increase your red blood cell count through either:

  1.      Taking EPO which increases the blood production from bone marrow.
  2.      Injecting more blood into the bloodstream (the reverse of a blood donation).

Having more red blood cells means carrying more oxygen – great news for endurance athletes.  It has now been clinically proven that beetroot is a natural alternative to blood doping. 

Clinical trials do not mean real-world results, so we’re drinking a glass of beetroot juice every morning to see if it makes a difference for our “experiment of one”.  So far, we have noticed only that we look like we are peeing blood.  Team Edward all the way!

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