Wheat and Other Grains

The science goes like this. 

Wheat has been bastardised and mutated so much in the name of profit, that it no longer represents the wheat we used to eat (and evolved with).  It’s so far from the ancient grain that our gut systems have been unable to advance with it, and we can no longer digest it properly.

That’s the nerdo way of explaining it.  Nerds love theories. We are nerds.  But how can you be sure that we have never been able to tolerate any type of wheat when 70 years ago we didn’t have the testing equipment or knowledge we have now, or even the inkling that wheat may be the root cause of some serious diseases.

Wheat has been linked to Alzheimer’s, ADHD, schizophrenia and myriad of other horrible diseases.  The nerds have proven it.  What we can undeniably agree on though, is that if you eat some bread, and you get fat because of it, you should cut it out of your diet.  If you eat some bread and you get tired, you should cut it out of your diet.  If you eat some bread and (test this on yourself) half an hour later you’re still hungry, you should probably cut it out of your diet.

No double-blind peer-reviewed experiments needed here.

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