Can I do the program while breastfeeding?


Yes, we have heaps of mums breastfeeding doing the program. So many that we actually created a specific diet JUST for breastfeeding mums!

The first time Sharny did the program she did it while breastfeeding.

There is a section in the program with videos of Sharny talking about and answering frequently asked questions about breastfeeding and how to make sure you don't affect your supply.

Just don't restrict your calories while feeding and drink loads of water :) So you can still cut out the processed foods and just make sure you are eating heaps of veggies and salads. The good stuff!!

Also remember that when you join the program, you get free access to the secret Facebook group - there are tons of breastfeeding mums on there to ask questions of!

Here's the link to the program again so you can join: 

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