Can we do fitmum and fitdad together?

The FHHM (Fit, Happy, Healthy Mum) and FitDad programs totally compliment each other. You can do the workouts together and eat together also. Many of the couples doing the programs together eat the same (or very similar) foods. FitDads may need to eat different portions. Of course, we recognise that men and women can be of all sizes, appetites, calorie requirements and activity levels. A larger, more active woman will need to eat more than a smaller sedentary man. ♥

The workouts are designed that they can be done at the same time (fun for the whole family!).

Would be amazing to have you both do it together!

Here's the link to the program again so you can join

You can get both at the same time (once you've signed up for Fitmum, you'll be offered FitDad too).

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