What is PregFit?

PregFit is a flexible program, as pregnancy is always different with each pregnancy and each person.

Even day to day we feel different. As such, you will have a range of workouts that you can select from on a day to day basis, along with a system to help guide to select the right workout depending on where you're at and how you're feeling. You can also rotate between your favourite workouts if you find some that really work for you and how you're feeling at any given stage of your pregnancy. But if you want us to just tell you what to do, we also have example workout weeks set out for you in PDF for you to follow or change to suit how you feel. 

It's the same with your nutritional options, as again, it will depend on how you're feeling as to what you can tolerate (particularly early on within the pregnancy). So we have options for you but as Sharny explains in her videos, you can change to work for you and how you are feeling. We want you to have a happy and healthy pregnancy without the stressful of doing “exactly” what we tell you. 

The program outlines the nutritional advice and recommendations for a fit, healthy, happy pregnancy (for both you, your changing body and your developing baby). It details exactly how Sharny ate during her fit pregnancies and provides you with recipes and a 4-5 meal a day structure. From there, you select the recipes you feel able to eat and slot them into the daily meal template. You are also able to opt for meals outside of the recipes given, so long as they fit the advice and guidelines of the program.

There are lots of PDFs on the program for you to download and videos to watch. 

Sharny also gives you her Pregfit Book (eBook) for $7 when you sign up for the program. It is normally $19 on its own but she gives it to you discounted as a gift with the program because she really wants you to have the best pregnancy you can. ♥

We also have a secret Pregfit FB group for you to ask anything you need. Plus we are available on email for you.

Here's the link so you can have a look: http://sharnyandjulius.com/pregfit

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